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Our mission

impact 300,000 swine professionals by the end of 2023

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We are restless.
It’s in our DNA.
It’s who we are.
It’s how we do.
We believe that action is
That’s why we don’t standstill.

What people are saying about Swine it?

As a university professor, I use the podcast in my classes, and the students have been enjoying it very much, both for the agility in obtaining information and for the richness of content that the platform brings us. Congratulations to the whole team for providing so much knowledge in a dynamic and globalized way! 

Dra. Ana Luísa 

Federal University of Uberlandia

The podcasts are a great way to quickly get up-to-date information on the emerging focus areas as well as exposure to the influencers in the swine industry. Listening to them is now a required part of my routine. The broad range of topics is very useful in helping me expand my thinking beyond my primary area of focus. Thanks for providing this useful resource. 

Dr. Joe Hahn,

Smithfield Hog Production

Knowledge is power! Dr. Marcio Goncalves is one of the bright young minds in the swine industry. His ability to distill complex problems and opportunities into information for the pork
industry makes his podcasts a valuable resource.

Dr. Mike Tokach,

Kansas State University

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Restlessness is our main fuel at Swine it. It is this restlessness, the desire to operate outside of our comfort zone, that powers our innovativeness.

The swine industry is the universe in which Swine it exists.

We are experts at it, and this will always be our focus.

We are committed to excellence.

It is in everything we do — from the professionals we choose to work with to the content and solutions we create.

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