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Pig production outside the box

Wednesday and Thursday
October 6th and 7th, 2021
Starting at 7:30 AM CST

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"Pig Welfare Insights"
Dr. Temple Grandin
United States

"A career box dodging - lessons learned and hints for current researchers and industry leaders"
Dr. Roger Campbell
RG Campbell Advisory

"Sample size matters"
Dr. Christina Phillips
Smithfield Foods
United States

"Engaging with consumers: science or art?"
Brandi Buzzard
Red Angus Association
United States

"Pig Tails and some Tales"
Shane McAuliffe
McAuliffe Farms

"How to eat an elephant [and other lessons from PEDv]"
Dr. Rebecca Robbins
Swine Consultant
United States

"The blame relies on nutrition"
Dr. Dean Boyd
Animal Nutrition Research
United States

"Creating connections not barriers"
Dr. Tara Donovan
The Hanor Company
United States

"If It Isn't Funny, Why Do It? Comedy In Everyday Work"
Brendon Lemon
The Madness Continues Podcast
United States

"Things I have learned about pig nutrition"
Wayne Cast
Independent consultant
United States

"Women in science: an inconvenient truth"
Dr. Marcia Barbosa
The World Academy of Sciences

"24/7 pig growth, behaviour and health monitoring using machine vision"
Dr. Rick D'Eath
United Kingdom

"A glimmer of hope: reducing the environmental impact of pig systems"
Ilias Kyriazakis
Queen’s University Belfast

"Divergent thinking in the swine industry"
Dr. Laura Batista
Swine Consultant

"Sow Nutrition, Colostrum, and the Transition Phase"
Dr. Megan Edwards 
Feed for Thought Company Ltd

"Changing paradigms in influenza control"
Dr. Montserrat Torremorell
University of Minnesota
United States

"Eyes on disease elimination"
Dr. Maria Pieters
University of Minnesota
United States

"The Science of happiness"
Flavia da Veiga
BeHappier Group

"Postbiotics: New interest in an established technology"
Dr. Tri Duong
Kerry Group
United States

"Prop 12 in California and the possible impacts in the industry"
Todd Heisterkamp
Crystal Spring Hog Equipment
United States

"Phytase – how to compare apples to oranges and effectively make decisions" 
Dr. Jordan Gebhardt
Kansas State University (IFF)
United States

"More than mortality"
Dr. Mark Giesemann
United States

"How early life stress affects health throughout the lifespan"
Dr. Adam Moeser
Michigan State University (Kemin)
United States

"How Microbes will Change Our World: The Big Picture on Little Things in an Evolving Era"
Dr. Mike King

Microbial Discovery Group (United Animal Health)
United States



Kyla Ripley: Getting the most out of high-performing pigs with high-performing teams

Kyla Ripley brings more than 20 years of hog industry experience to her role as general manager for Carlo Genetics Inc. With her background in agriculture and animal science, along with several years managing two different AI Centers and more than a decade of industry experience in domestic and export logistics management, Kyla has demonstrated her extensive experience and understanding of the industry. Ms. Ripley leads the team of professionals at Carlo Genetics with a keen focus on quality control, dedication to animal husbandry, and a commitment to embracing advancements in AI technology.

Dr. Kyle Coble: Nutrition diagnostics in swine production systems

Dr. Coble is the Director of Nutrition Services for JBS, USA. He earned his B.S. in Animal Science at Oklahoma State University in 2010, followed by an M.S. in Animal Science with an emphasis in Swine Nutrition in 2012. He graduated from Kansas State University with a Ph.D. in Swine Nutrition in 2015.



"SwineTalks was the best conference I attended in 2020. Innovative way to present information, impressive lineup of speakers, and great execution. Nice job Swine it team and looking forward to 2021!"

Dr. Henrique Cemin

"I just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent virtual meeting. It was really neat to be a part of such a pioneering event! I appreciate all your efforts to advance our industries communication and messaging platforms into the 21st Century – I know this has to be a difficult path at times given how “old school” our industry can be, but it’s outstanding to have you take on this challenge and be so successful in doing so."

Dr. Clayton Johnson

"The program has been superb……thanks for your hard work to organize event… are truly living your vision statement…..I like to see a sermon and not just hear one"

Dr. Steve Pollmann

"SwineTalks was an outstanding format for providing a broad range of highly applicable content. When I first registered I was cautiously optimistic, but was impressed by the actual product. I personally enjoy being exposed to a variety of topics and SwineTalks met that need for me! Will absolutely participate again and will look to possibly have more of my team participate next year."

Dr. Justin Fix


Sawyer Whisler: how you can share to advocate for our industry

Sawyer Whisler is a sixth-generation farmer from Southeast Iowa. He works full time with his father, Tork Whisler, at their pig farm. Together they take care of the family's acres and contract finish roughly 15,000 pigs a year for Eichelberger Farms. Sawyer and Tork also have an online brand built around their family farm, This'll Do Farm. Sawyer is the brains behind content creation.

Vance Crowe - In search of the future

Vance Crowe is a communications consultant who has worked for corporations and international organizations worldwide. He is the former Director of Millennial Engagement for Monsanto. As a Communications Strategist for the World Bank Group, he previously worked as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer stationed in Kenya, as a Communications Coordinator at a National Public Radio affiliate in Northern California, and as a deckhand on an eco-tourism ship that traveled the Western Hemisphere. Vance holds a degree in communications from Marquette University and a master's degree in cross-cultural negotiations from the Seton Hall School of Diplomacy.



Kylie Epperson: Walking through the fire

Kylie Epperson is a row crop farmer, pork producer, and mother on their family farm. She is also a fellow podcaster with the Midwest Farm Wives podcast, which shares advice on farm life and motherhood.  On top of all that, Kylie is also an avid advocate of agriculture!


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"Congrats on a successful event Marcio, and thank you for the vast information you brought to us. You are a huge asset to our industry!"

Michele Keesecker Walter

"Excellent event! Full credit to all the organizers, innovation & knowledge sharing at its best, well done."

Michael Noonan

"Great job Marcio and speakers."

Dr. Mike Tokach

"Powerful messages! What an amazing event!"

Dr. Mariana Menegat

"Thank you to the Swine it team on an enjoyable conference."

Dr. Andrea Hanson




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